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Press Release For Formula Racing Center Houston, TX
Facility News

Formula Racing Center has now opened in the former location of Pole Position Raceway in Clear Lake, Texas.

Houston Karting & Entertainment, LLC officially withdrew from the former franchise and opened Monday April 20, 2015 under the new name now commonly know as FRC. Located in a fully air conditioned and heated 50,000 square foot warehouse, the facility offers true Formula style racing in an all new format.

“FRC, offers a true racing experience for thrill seekers and aspiring racers,” said Michael Barron, General Manager.

We’ve created an entirely new racing experience for the Houston location that starts at the front door all the way to the actual race. “We meet all our customers at the front door and guide them through the registration and payment process. Once customers have purchased a race, they are directed to a new Pre-Racing Briefing that is much more detailed and personalized than a canned video presentation,” said Barron.

Most, if not all indoor karting tracks offer two types of races – kids or adults. For adult racers, whether you’re an experienced racer or a rookie, you are forced to compete together. Formula Racing Center offers a unique ranking system that places racers into three distinct categories - Rookie, Novice and Pro.

If you are new to the sport, FRC enters customers into Novice races to learn the ropes and get comfortable with the track and high-speed karts. Once they gain experience, they can qualify for a Pro Racing License and advance to the Pro Races. The novice racers appreciate a more relaxed race, while the Pro’s blast around the track at top speed without fear of crashing into slower drivers. It’s truly the best experience possible on a crowded Saturday when as many as 400 may show up to race.

Barron also noted that while many indoor karting tracks advertise kart speeds up to 45mph, that speed is simply not realistic within the confines of an indoor ¼ track with its many twists and turns. FRC promotes the actual acceleration of the karts vs a top speed, remarked Barron. “While our karts are every bit as fast as any indoor kart track in the US, we just feel it’s important to be honest with the consumer.” Our goal is to provide the fastest, safest racing experience possible at an affordable price.

The visual presentation at FRC has also undergone a dramatic change as well. It’s not surprising that their primary track sponsor is Monster Energy with the new Black and Monster Energy Green color scheme. Even the Italian made karts feature Monster Energy graphics in a wild black and green design.

FRC offers reservations for variety of special events including birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, group racing as well as corporate team building. FRC also offers a choice of two on-site meeting / party rooms including the new America’s VIP Room that provides an awesome view of the track. For larger groups, track and facility rentals are also available on an hourly basis. Both rooms offer state-of-the-art audio/visual systems, multiple Plasma HD TV’s, DVD players, and Wi-Fi Internet access. A wide variety of catering is available to groups from 10-500.

Corporate partners are evident throughout the facility and Barron says FRC is currently accepting additional partners based in the Greater Houston area.

For more information on hours, booking events and general information contact FRC at 281-581-7223 or visit the their website at
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