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Need 2 Speed Reno, NV Opening Coverage
Facility NewsA new indoor Go Kart track has opened at the Sierra Center Parkway in South Reno. The business offers Grand Prix-style racing for kids and adults. Need 2 Speed relocated from California to Reno. Owner Boris Podtetenieff says the timing was right. "The timing was right, the location was right and I thought the market would be good for it here," he said.

Families are showing up with two or three generations to race on the indoor track. Troy Sullivan brought his three daughters, who raced against their grandfather, uncle, aunt and cousins. "It's a great family event. I was able to come out and use some of the testosterone that I don't use at home and at the same time let them have fun as well," he said.

Podtetenieff plans to offer rooms for birthday parties, as well as corporate retreats, league racing and tournaments. "Then you have your everyday walk in "arrive and drive," he said.

Need 2 Speed is open seven days a week starting at 11am.

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