Fitness: Karting Tips From National Indoor Kart Champion Truman Godfrey
Posted by Tom on 12/27/2014
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Fitness plays a major part in becoming a racing driver. Thirty minutes in a kart will require you being fit...I assure you. Remember your body will go through a terrific amount of strain both mentally & physically. This level of fitness will not be gained from just taking part in a season of karting events; this is an area you need to work on. An indication of what muscles ache in the days that follow the kart race will be those that need to be worked on. Basically you need upper body strength and plenty of stamina; the last thing you need is making a mistake during the latter part of the race due to your lack of fitness. You must train regularly; I tend to train up until a few days before a race to let my body build its strength as you don't want to over do it making you fatigued during the karting race. Your weight will be a governing factor in your quest to become a successful karting driver. Being fit will help you but the laws of physics will prevail. This doesn't mean that you need to built like a spoke, but conversely you don't want to be built like barrel. Most competitions will have a minimum weight limit to the class you enter or “bonus” weight points for the year long points race, which makes the sport of indoor karting very competitive.