Melrose Park GP to Host Red Bull Kart Fight Chicago
Posted by Tom on 08/20/2012
This year you'll be able to experience the feelings of a real driver, the adrenaline leading in to the minutes before departure, the smell of the rubber tires, the roar of the engine, the bustle of the mechanics, and the thrill of the grid departure ...

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 35 can participate and has the opportunity to be the best kart fighter in the US, and could subsequently defend the national colors in the world final.

The Red Bull Kart Fight Chicago qualifier will be held at Melrose Par
k Indoor Grand Prix (2225 W. North Ave Chicago, IL 60160). The Chicago qualifier will be held every Thursday thru Sunday during August 18th to September 15th. The specific times of each qualifier can be seen below...

Qualifying Hours
Thursday - 4-10pm
Friday - 5-11pm
Sat - 2-10pm
Sun - 1-8pm

Participants pay the standard track fees with their lap times recorded by MPGP. The drivers who post the top 10 quickest lap times during Aug 18 to Sept 15 will be invited back to race in the Red Bull Kart Fight regional championship to be held at MPGP.

The Red Bull Kart Fight Championship will be held on September 22nd with festivities kicking off at 3:00pm. The championship will be held in a "time attack" format. The driver who posts the fastest lap time for the day will be crowned the Red Bull Kart Fight regional champion.

The winning driver of the regional championship will receive the trip of a lifetime to Austin, Texas for the inaugural Formula One Grand Prix of the Americas. The trip will include airfare, hotel, & Red Bull hospitality for the winning driver.

From north to south of the country, Red Bull Kart Fight will give everyone a unique and memorable experience.

Donít miss the action!

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