Victory Lane Indoor Charlotte, NC Announces 24 Hour Race
Posted by Tom on 07/23/2012
This is a 24 hour race starting at 11am Saturday, 12/8/2012 and ending at 11am on Sunday, 12/9/2012.

Victory Lane Karting, Charlotte NC
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December 8th, 2012! Race begins at 11am, drivers meeting at 9am.
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Team Cost:
$2,000 ($1,000 due at signup, remainder due morning of race)

Chassis: Sodi RX7 with adj. seats, adj. pedals & ballast box
Engine: Honda 270cc

Drivers Meeting

The pre-race drivers meeting will be held at 9am on Saturday, December 8th, 2012. Race procedures, flags, pit procedures will be discussed and all questions will be answered. Attendance is mandatory (unless pre approved by race director) for all team members. Each team will draw for their qualifying and race starting kart at the end of this meeting.


There will be one 3 lap qualifying session at 10am on the day of the race. Starting positions will be determined by the single fastest lap time from each team. The team scoring the fastest time will start from pole-position with other teams being sequentially ordered.

For further information : Victory Lane Karting 704-377-FAST