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Facility NewsDirt Bank Slick Track Series Presented by Joe's Karting
Tuesdays from October 6 - March 2

No leagues on December 8, 15, 22, and 29 (Christmas break)
The will be no makeup date(s) for any canceled league nights due to weather or other circumstances
Can make changes at any time due to manager's request so keep it clean. Any negative drama anywhere and you will be out of leagues. .

League rules
Must be signed up by 7:15pm - NO EXCEPTIONS
Pit meeting at 7:15pm - racing to follow ASAP
$40+tax first night for EVERYBODY
$25+tax thereafter each following night
Must have a $3+tax day membership or $7+tax annual membership
Open to the first 40 people (first come, first serve)
Minimum age is 12*
Everybody is required to use adult karts
Group Qualifiers
Everybody does (2) 20 lap group qualifiers
8 racers to a group qualifier race
Single file rolling start in group qualifiers
Top 10 fastest lap times from the group qualifiers advance to the A-Feature
10 racers to an A-Feature
A-Feature two wide start from a dead stop
A-Feature is lined-up from random draw
A-Feature is 20 laps
*12-13 Year Old Requirements
Done and passed a training course on the road course
Have raced the road course minimum 6 times in adult karts
Drive the adult karts before being allowed to race in leagues races
Race line-ups
Racers are put in group qualifiers and position by which they sign in
Heat 1 – 8 racers
Heat 2 – 8 racers
Heat 3 – 8 racers
Heat 4 – 8 racers
Heat 5 – 8 racers
Racers are put in que then randomly assigned to a second heat race
Heat 6 – 8 racers
Heat 7 – 8 racers
Heat 8 – 8 racers
Heat 9 – 8 racers
Heat 10 – 8 racers
A-Feature – Top 10 racers from heats via lap times from group qualifiers
Points structure

A-Feature (win by position)
1st place - 40 points

2nd place - 39 points
3rd place - 38 points
4th place - 37 points
5th place - 36 points
6th place - 35 points
7th place - 34 points
8th place - 33 points
9th place - 32 points
10th place - 31 points
Non-qualifiers are 1 point per position (Example 11th-30 points, 12th-29 points etc.). Non-qualifier points are awarded via lap times (from leagues races) in computer from 11th on down.

Weekly Bonus Points
1 point for having fastest lap of the night from ALL league races
1 point for leading most lap in feature. (If two or more lead same # of lap then no bonus point)
Bounty Rule
Anybody winning 2 weeks in a row will have a “bounty” put on them starting the 3rd week. In the third week to collect the bounty you will need to beat and win the feature over the person with a “bounty” on their head. If the person with the “bounty” on their head or another person wins the “bounty” they will be issued a “bounty” card. Anybody winning a “bounty” will automatically win 1 free race to Joe's.

The “bounty” card can be saved and used at any point during leagues. When you use your “bounty” card the feature will be drawn and lined up. At that point, the cashier will ask if anybody wants to use a “bounty” card. The “bounty" card will allow you to move to the pole of the A-feature. If two or more people have a “bounty” card then there will be a secondary draw to finalize those starting spots in the A-feature. All “bounty” card holders will start up front.
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