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2019 Kart World Champion Crowned
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Two match races. First will qualify 8 drivers to start the final between p17 and p24. Second match race will the qualifier & kart pick for the final race plus a last chance to earn up to 4 extra points. Actually drivers take the match race so seriously that a specific trophee for the winner is something to think off in the future.

Roman Hanes made his way to the final by beating Jeff Lund by 3 tenths. Jerome beat the promissing young dane Nicolaj by one tenth. Aidan beat his countrymate Dan Burke by more than eight tenths. Mike Ibach also beat Andrew Wood by significant margin of 7 tenths. Dylan Barlett upset the last dane Carsten Spartholt by half second. Guillermo Van Pamelen was more than a second faster than Prieto. Mike Cassino beat Verbinen by a tenth and finnally Alejandro Fenwy was more than a second faster than Martin Handhardt. These eight winners are in the final. Guillermo beat Aidan Kennedy by less than a tenth in the final and will have the first choice from the karts that are not picked by the top 16.

On the main match race of the day the leader Michael Schoetler beat Stefan Verhofste with almost one second advantage. Verhoeven beat Curtin Ryan by misareble 4 cents in the closest batle so far. Jerrot King upsets Fred Ogrim by two tenths. Braumtigan advances against Bram Gelten by two tenths. In the other side of the MR, Ruben Boutens is more than a second faster than Lohse. Mats De Jong beats Selina by half second and Tobias Laube won against Cody Hartson by two tenths. Dennis Holler was faster than Sean Brierly by three tenths. Now Schoetler meets Verhoeven and is 7 tenths faster, while Brautigam is almost half second faster than Jerrot King. In the other side Mats repeats Italy and beats Boutens by one tenth while Laube upsets Hoeller also by a tenth. Semis are three germans against a belgium. Schoetler advances to the final against Mats De Jong and takes the final Match Race by seven tenths.

Having scored perfect points after the qualifiers, and starting first with his kart number 8 the championship seems to be in new hands. In the final it was Brautigam on kart number 18 that took the lead and finished first. Schoetler that could finish fifth closed the final in second place to raise his first indoor kart world championship. Ruben Boutens on a fast race came third and guaranteed a his fourth position overall. Mats fell to sixt place but managed to hold fifth overall. Jerrot King was the best american in fourth leaving Hoeller in fifth and second place in the final standings. With the win Brautigam took the third place on the standings from Ruben Boutens. In Masters category it was Fred Ogrim at the top of the podium with Andre Lohse and Jerome Citrowski around him. In womens it was Selina for the fifth time in a row. Amazing performance by the KWC princess, that this time had her sister Nadia in second and Laura Barrera from Colombia in third. Juniors went to Roman Hanes after very rough and exiting races against Aidan Kennedy, Guillermo Van Pamelen and the two danish kids Nicolaj and Victor.
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