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Victory Lane Indoor Karting Chosen To Host Indoor Kart World Championship
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Fred Ogrim, Managing Partner of Victory Lane Karting has confirmed they will be the 2019 location of the next KWC! Bringing the highest level of competitive indoor karting back to the US where the series originally got its start was a big part of the draw for Fred's team, We are so proud to be chosen to host the World Championships! Our family comes with a long history of racing and we will strive to put on a world class event.

Official training days:

Friday 19th of July 2019
Saturday 20th of July 2019
Monday 22nd of July 2019

Nations Cup 2019:

Sunday 21st of July 2019

Individual Kart World Championship:

Tuesday 23rd of July 2019 - Saterday 27th of July 2019
Day 1: Rounds 1 & 2
Day 2: Rounds 3 & 4
Day 3: Rounds 5 & 6
Day 4: Rounds 7 & 8
Day 5: Semi finals and final

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