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K1 Speed Opens Latest Karting Center in Hawaii
Facility News After more than a decade, K1 Speed, the preeminent indoor karting company in the nation, has left the mainland and brought karting to a city outside of the contiguous 48 states. With the opening of K1 Speed Hawaii in Kapolei – the sister city to Honolulu – K1 Speed now operates more than 20 centers nationwide.

The new facility will feature everything that the company has built its success (and its reputation) on: all-electric, high-performance go-karts; a museum-quality collection of authentic racing memorabilia, including actual race cars; a professionally designed indoor race track with safety barriers and live telemetry; a fully stocked Pit Cafe snack bar, complete with beverages and snacks; and private meeting rooms that can be reserved for birthday and bachelor parties, team building events, company holiday parties and corporate meetings.

The public will be able to race the company’s high-performance electric karts any day of the week, without a reservation, through K1 Speed’s Arrive & Drive program. As with the company’s other facilities, K1 Speed Hawaii in Kapolei will allow individuals to race friends, family, and other like-minded racers in 14-lap heats against the clock in equally prepared machinery. The individual who sets the fastest lap is deemed the winner, not the individual to cross the finish line first. This provides for a level playing field, as there’s no way to tell who will start at the back of the pack and who will start at the front.

Of course, for individuals who want to experience genuine wheel-to-wheel, head-to-head action, K1 Speed Hawaii will also include a number of race packages which can be reserved for groups of 8 or more persons. Better yet, K1 Speed Hawaii will also play host to the company’s popular and growing Challenge GP race league, which is akin to an adult softball league, but for racing.

In both Challenge GP and race package events, racers participate in one or two qualifying heats to determine starting position before taking part in a standing-start race for the checkered flag. Here, the first person to cross the finish line is the winner. No lap times, no strategy – it’s winner take all. Though the layperson might find these matches a bit competitive, for the diehard racing enthusiast, they offer an enticing alternative to the standard Arrive & Drive format.

In addition to the company’s various racing formats, which are available for both children and adults (granted certain height requirements are satisfied), K1 Speed Hawaii also offers packages tailored for businesses, both small and large. With meeting rooms on site, and a number of racing packages available exclusively for corporate clients, K1 Speed’s Kapolei center is positioning itself as the anti-conference center for what would otherwise be traditional corporate events. K1 Speed Hawaii is now open in Kapolei, Hawaii, near Honolulu.


About K1 Speed:
Founded in 2003, K1 Speed is the premier karting company in America. With kart racing centers in California, Washington, Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Florida and several more facilities planned for the near future, K1 Speed brings the thrill and excitement of indoor karting to a large audience. Offering highly-advanced and environmentally-friendly electric karts as well as large indoor entertainment venues that feature authentic racing memorabilia, pit cafes, meeting rooms and pool tables, K1 Speed is a great place to visit with family and friends or to host a corporate event or party. Visit for more information.

To speak with a K1 representative, please contact Susan Danglard ( or Andrew Palos ( – 949.250.0242 x3016
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