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Octane Raceway Phoenix, AZ Latest League Updates
Racing NewsSport League:

For those of you who decided to sit this one out Race #3 of the Winter Sport/Pro league on Tuesday Jan. 22nd was one that saw at least one shake up at the top of the Sport league and Scott Swayzee earning the #1 spot on the podium which he earned by not only winning his Heat but by playing it smart and having 2nd thru 5th battle it out lap after lap and coming to the finish line as a four pack, side by side, nose to tail and tires crying uncle.

Another stand out driver, Will Shurtleff took the pole position in his Heat and won it. Started the Sport “A” Main from P2. An excellent Heat and “A” Main finish propels Will closer to the top of the overall points sheet. Overall Sport league points leader Chaz Baca Sr had to overcome a 4th place finish in his Heat which placed him starting the “A” Main from 7th place. Baca Sr was in the mix at the end but could only manage a 3rd place finish but happy to continue his podium picture modeling career.

John Moldt, who’s new nickname will be Mr. Ta-Two. Two second place finishes for the night has him climbing the overall points sheet. John missed the first race of the season but will get to drop zero points at series end. Risk is, with another miss or an off night of racing will stymie his chances to collect a top three trophy and all the millions of dollars that go with it.

Ariel Rubio had a Main race he would just soon forget. A hard hit contact incident brought out the dreaded Black Flag, dropped him to 8th, but he put his head down and ended up crossing the start/finish line in 5th. Fine line between hard, fast close racing and being too aggressive and that line was crossed and the penalty was issued without hesitation even though Rubio didn’t agree. Why would he, nobody does!!!

Nick Evans also struggled on this night and had to start the Sport “B” Main from pole. Going into Race #3 in 2nd in overall points he now sits 3rd overall right behind Ariel Rubio by 1 point! Couldn’t hold off Chris Webb, who won the “B” Main. Winning the “B” Main pays a bonus of getting to start from the back of the “A” Main which Chris was happy to do and finished his night of league racing in 7th place. He is not one of the weight equalized to 200# racers but pound for pound one of the best “over 200#” racers to ever shoehorn himself into a kart.

Congratulations to Scott Swayzee for the first of many wins to come.

Finish Order with Overall Points going into Race #4:

Scott Swayzee…119

John Moldt…87 (missed 1 race)

Chaz Baca Sr…130

Will Shurtleff…112

Ariel Rubio…121

Frank Dusanek…114

Chris Webb…99

Craig Moore…95

Nick Evans…120

Dawn Sharp…81

Steve Nowland…30 (missed 2 races)

Greg Gillum…62 (missed 1 race)

Ryan Corn…73

Preston Sass…45 (missed 1 race)

Pro League:

The fun continues with the Pro leaguers who put on a good show competing against each other who just so happen to be the best of the best that Octane Raceway has to offer.

We raced as one with eleven racers biting at the bit to score optimum points to add to their season totals. Racing as one group assures everyone will be in the Pro League “A” Main. Track 1 c/c /w for the Qualifier/Heat was won by surprise, surprise Chaz Baca Jr. Steve Lattanzi qualified 2nd but could not hold off Kyler Repella who has entered Chaz Baca Jr winning world big time. Coincidently the top 4 going into the “A” Main are also the top 4 in overall points. Less than .5 seconds separated the #1 spot of Baca Jr, from the #11 spot occupied by Team Titanium member, Keith Sears.

Some of the best lap times were incredibly close but had little bearing on the position Heat race Josh Lambeth…22.001 Chaz Baca Jr…22.002, Steve Lattanzi…22.003. WOW!!! Kyler had fast time with a 21.876.

Green flag sets the field in motion and looks like Chaz & Kyler are in cahoots as they pull away from the rest of the field with Kyler inches away from Baca’s rear bumper but not making any attempt to pass. Lattanzi was hoping for a move from Kyler but it never happened and Lattanzi spent most of the race running lone with the rest of the field losing ground. Chris Wynne had a great start but then mysteriously pulled off track with what he thought was a flat tire. Upon checking the ill handling kart for evidence of a flat tire, none was found to be at a loss of any air. Somebody must have spiked the extra large soda Chris consumed prior to the race. This will not end the points race with Chris still in the hunt for a trophy to the top 3 of the season. He currently sits 19 points out of 3rd and one point ahead of Charles Crowe who is in 5th.

Lap traffic scrambled the end of the race and the track marshals had their flags full keeping the leaders with clear track and back marker passing under blue flag conditions. Not much drama to report at the conclusion of the Pro Main. We may have to take a vote to see about putting extra weight on the young hotshots, Chaz Baca Jr and Kyler Repella. I say we add another 50# to their karts. Seems only fair.

Pro League Finish Order with Overall Season Points:

Chaz Baca Jr…132

Kyler Repella…130

Steve Lattanzi…127

Josh Lambeth…77 (missed 1 race)

Charles Crowe…107

Don Angel…65 (missed 1 race)

Cody Gutierrez…100

Brian Landry…96

Keith Sears…92

Mike McClaran…69 (missed 1 race)

Chris Wynne…108

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