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Tony Rolfson Wins the Opening Round of the 2012 Spring Leagues at Octane Raceway Phoenix, AZ!
Racing NewsTuesday April 10, 2012 was the opening round of the 10 race series 2012 Spring Leagues at Octane Raceway.

Tony Rolfson, Kyler Repella & Chaz Baca Jr of Team 2 Beat swept the top 3 positions and now end up in a 3 way tie for points (55) after Race #1.

“A” Main Finish Order:

Tony Rolfson…Kyler Repella…Chaz Baca Jr…Josh Lambeth…George Sklyarevsky…Josh Sarchet…Steve Lattanzi…Cody Gutierrez…Scott Lodding…Phillip Schroeder II…Keaton Swane. Rolfson took the lead on the last lap 2 turns from the start/finish and Repella followed him to the stripe to take 2nd.

The starting order had no relationship to the finish order.

Rolfson went from P8 to P1. WOW!!! He was determined to win after his 3rd place finish in his Heat. Qualified 4th.

Repella went from P4 to P2.

Baca Jr went from P1 to P3.

Lattanzi went from P2 to P7.

Swane went from P3 to P11.

Sarchet went from P10 to P6.

Schroeder went from P6 to P10.

Lambeth from P7 to P4.

Lodding from P11 to P9.

Gutierrez from P9 to P8.

Sklyarevsky took ownership of P5.

Team 2 Beat,( Chaz Baca Jr/Tony Rolfson/Kyler Repella) will be competing in the SportKartUSA Grand Nationals at CalSpeed Karting in Fontana,CA June 22-24. Chaz won the FREE entry by winning the 2012 Winter League that concluded March 24. That would make that league series win his 6th in a row. You would have to go back 2 or more years to find another league series winner. Tony Rolfson is the current 4 time AZIKC Champion and finished 2nd in the 2012 Winter League. Kyler Repella is an outstanding indoor & outdoor kart racer and finished a mere 4 points out of 3rd place overall in the 2012 Winter League.

“B” Main Finish Order:

Scott Lodding (advanced to “A” Main)…Keith Sears…Brian Landry…Mike McClaran…Don Angel…Chris Wynne…Ronald Jones…Josh Tatman…Kyle McGrath…Kyle Tatman…Jason Burstein.

“C” Main Finish Order:

Chris Wynne (advanced to “B” Main)…Charles Crowe…Greg Gillum…Michael Garcia…Chris Manwaring…Craig Moore…Robert Murphy…Brad Rumack…Brian Renner.

Only one dreaded Black Flag penalty was handed out all night and surprisingly it went to a long time leaguer Charles Crowe in the Group 3 Heat which sent him into the “C” Main by finishing 8th. He was on his best behavior for the “C” Main where he started from pole position but lost the coveted move up spot by race end to Chris Wynne who reeled Charles in, made the pass only to give it back one turn later. Second attempt was more successful and Wynne went on to capture the win and wearily start from the back of the 40 lapper “B” Main. His 6th place finish in the “B” Main was impressive and he was able to score 16th place points overall in the “B” Main. Chris Wynne has shown vast improvement in driving style and has retired his nice guys finish last routine. He is now a regular visitor into the “A” or “B” Main. With 3 groups of 9 or 10 not easy to do when you must finish in the top 3 of the Heat you are in to guarantee your spot in the “A” Main.

The same Qualifier/Heat saw a heart stopping finish between top qualifier Steve Lattanzi and 2nd place Phillip Schroeder II. Lattanzi starts from pole and stretches his lead out by a wide margin by lap 25 when for no apparent reason slows after the last turn heading to the Checkered and waits for Schroeder who has a full head of steam rounding that last right turn to the start/finish line. Lattanzi has miscalculated the speed of Schroeder and at the line with contact between them Lattanzi squeaks out the win by the slimmest of margins. (0.633) The spectators and other racers got a real nail biter of a finish. Went from a boring runaway win to almost lost it within seconds. An exciting finish was the goal and on that front…score! I don’t think that will happen again. Too close for comfort.

A great way to start a new league series with 29 indoor kart racers coming together and having fun at speed in one of America’s best and most active indoor kart racing facilities…. Octane Raceway!

Spring League Race #2 is Tuesday April 17th. Check in by 6:30…Driver meeting/kart draw 6:45…Racing starts @ 7pm. Racer cap is 42. Track 1 c/w.

5 lap Qualifier into 30 lap Heat. 50 lap Main. $50.00

For more info on Octane Raceway visit
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