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Indoor Karting Commentary By Chad Arndt
Racing NewsThe turn of the century has seen the indoor karting industry slowly grow into a reputable past time, as well as a venue for pure racing competition. The inception of the Red Bull driver search in 2001 and 2002 placed references on amateur driving talents in some of the most prominent indoor racing facilities in the nation.

However, as racing politics play out, and indoor candidate wasn't chosen, and the United States was instead represented by then super pro shifter kart racing phenomenon Scott Speed, who's brief Formula One tenure became a home-based NASCAR racing career.

Indoor kart racing has since become a cult underground racing battleground for purists looking to pit driver against driver in the only non-political proving grounds where the only skills involved are pure racing talents.

Regions in the northeast: led by F1 Boston, and Ontrack indoor, Southeast: Xtreme Indoor, and Victory Lane, Northeast: Sykart, Apex, West Coast: Pole Position, Dromo 1, Southeast: Pole Position, F1 Race Factory, Great Lakes: Lehigh Valley, Chicago Indoor Racing, Midwest: Sadler's Indoor.. Have all seen correspondence with each other in some way for the common goal of furthering the public interest in the entry-level past time of indoor kart racing.

However, the progress, and professional management of operating such facilities is still in the hands of less educated government officials. Recently, more steps have been made to allow for the industry to govern itself professionally, and further sanction rules on the competitive side of the indoor business.

These are pioneering times, and indoor racing is in good hands with organizations such as the IKRL, and the newly formed NIKA organization out of the pacific northwest. Hotbeds in the Los Angeles area have sprung up new facilities, but are mostly competiting against each other, whilst established premier facilities in the state of North Carolina have founded a successful championship racing series, which promotes indoor racing in earnest, while increasing its prestige within the sprawling motorsport community.

Longtime media karting giant "ekartingnews" has expanded within the last 3 years to showcase the low-income hardcore racing skill that has become a cult of charismatic mega-talented racers full of ambition, desire, and dreams of a professional career behind the wheel of a race car, at any pay rate.
If only the racefan public knew of the unabashed pure racing bedlam thriving at the highest level right next door to their very homes, and in their own communities.

Indoorkartingnews, has even christened an All-Star team yearly, comprised of drivers across the nation who have accomplished feats of excellence worthy of being matched against the likes of Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Buemi, Alex Tagliani, Colin Fleming, Patrick Long, Craig Stanton, and a number of other top professional racing drivers in karting's biggest single race weekend in the world.

Not surprising, is that the IKN All-Stars are undefeated!

While indoorkartingnews further establishes itself, with additional partner tracks, the new Indoor Kart Report is taking shape to bring new facilities into the genre while exposing the industry to potential corporate partners.

The United States has made much growth, and progress with indoor racing, since being introduced from Europe, but spectators are mostly absent, as the general stereotype of karting continues to be held in a negative light in comparison with other forms of motorsport.

In Bercy France, the Elf Master's has been the long standing premier exhibition race in the whole of Europe. That race is held in a stadium venue and features the most promising up and coming world racing talent against even the most legendary formula one superstars in front of a sold out crowd.

The action is so intense that many spectators find themselves in standing room only.

However, premier indoor events in the US, such as the USIKC are void of passersby, due to the damaging public opinion of kart racing in the states.

All this for a form of motorsport that has produced the likes of: Jeff Gordon, Scott Speed, AJ Almendinger, Danica Patrick, Joey Logano, and many more.

The introduction of the Decuzzi Racing Series, and the Caged Heat Series has given a primary sponsor, and marketable spectating format to a mostly obscure industry that is available to all, without prejudice.

With these two indoor schedules, achievements are paid in title and cold hard cash, so it offers the first vital professional opportunity for a racing driver, and a pioneering step forward for the industry in the eyes of the American public.

With a number of kart expos on the yearly calender, one has made the leap to get a step closer to the prestige of the Elf Masters. After a few miscues in its inaugural launch, the organizing body has secured the changes needed to make it the most successful event of the year. The action will meet expectations, as the prize money will be even bigger for PKE 2011.

2010 will be start of the indoor racing movement that could bring mainstream attention, and respectability.
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