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F1 Race Factory Phoenix, AZ Week 4 Summer League Results
Racing NewsChaz Baca Jr Sets the Bar That Much Higher with Another Easy Cruise to Victory in the 4th Race of the 2011 F1 Summer League Series.

Two of the most senior racers in the Summer League Series find themselves at the top of the Group 1 Qualifier.

Mike Davila sets fast time in the Group 1 Qualifier to take the Pole Position in the Group 1 Heat.

Steve Lattanzi and Kyler Repella start from P2 & P3 in the Group 1 Heat.

Lattanzi and Repella work together so as not to lose ground on Davila but Mike D goes on to win Group 1 Heat.

Lattanzi thinks he see’s one too many White Flags, slows one lap too early and see’s Repella go flying by to take a well deserved mistake free 2nd place finish away from him.

An innocent error by the start/finish flagger has been corrected and Lattanzi is now outfitted with Coke bottle thick eyewear to help him look for the elusive Checkered Flag.

Group 1 Heat Results:

Mike Davila…Kyler Repella…Steve Lattanzi…Eric Dickinson…Kyle Tatman…Josh Lambeth…Chris Wynne…Joe Landram…Phillip Schroeder…Greg Gillum.

Keith Sears sets fast time in the Group 2 Qualifier to take the Pole Position for the Group 2 Heat.

Baca takes the win in the Group 2 Heat, Sears nails down a 2nd place finish.

The fight for the top spot between Sears and Baca Jr lasted most of the race with Baca setting Sears up and making a clean pass.

Just the opposite can be said between two other competitors. The pass for position was reversed when Josh Sarchet attempted to pass Cody Gutierrez and resulted in contact that was less than clean.

Sarchet paid the price by having the positions reversed post race. Cody claims to have an exact replica Voodoo doll of Sarchet and a boxful of very sharp pins.

Group 2 Heat Results:

Chaz Baca Jr…Keith Sears…Jason Burstein…Scott Lodding…Cody Gutierrez…Josh Sarchet…Paul Miller…Mike McClaran…Ian Pierce…Josh Tatman.

The “B” Main Group enters Track 2 c/c/w for competition and the winner will get to move into the “A” Main.

Hungry for a win and a move into the “A” Main is Josh Sarchet who starts from the Pole Position.

Josh Lambeth, Paul Miller, Chris Wynne, Mike McClaran, Joe Landram, Ian Pierce, Phillip Schroeder, Josh Tatman, and Greg Gillum are ready to keep Sarchet from that goal.

Lambeth/Miller/Wynne/McClaran stayed tight for the first half and then as the field spread out it became the Josh/Josh Show with nose to tail action finally seeing the Josh of the Lambeth persuasion take the position way from his namesake. Mike McClaran and Joe Landram fell back and did battle together, but coming thru the field from a 7th place start position was Ian Pierce. He was racing for all it was worth and if the lap count went longer than the 48 laps allotted he would have caught Josh & Josh. Pierce ran out of laps and settled for a 3rd place finish. A very clean race was had by all.

“B” Main Results:

Josh Lambeth…Josh Sarchet…Ian Pierce…Paul Miller…Chris Wynne…Mike McClaran…Joe Landram…Josh Tatman…Phillip Schroeder…Greg Gillum.

“B” Main winner Josh Lambeth now moves to the rear of the “A” Main to compete in another 48 lap Main race. He’s hot, tired and thirsty but ready to do it all again to gain positions within the “A” Main and score those valuable series points. Parched, he summoned for water and was given some by a very cute young lady wearing a green shirt who is a person of mystery to me but seems to be a big fan of our resident filmmaker and excellent indoor kart racer. Congratulations Josh Lambeth for the “B” Main win and for not passing out during the “A” Main race.

Time for the “A” Main to get under way. Chaz Baca Jr is starting from the Pole, Mike Davila sits inches from his bumper in P2 , with Keith Sears starting from P3. Seat trouble has Jason Burstein switching karts as well as Cody Gutierrez. Cody will now start at the rear of the field due to the voluntary switch. No change to the Burstein starting spot of 6th.

Race starts and for the first few laps positions stay as is but then Kyler Repella runs Keith Sears wide and Sears goes from 3rd to 7th in short order. Baca Jr is showing his see ya later alligator move again to Davila. The race now becomes a race for 2nd/3rd/4th. Davila with Repella on his rear bumper are racing lap after lap with no moves toward a position change. That gives Steve Lattanzi an opportunity to slowly but surely reel them in until Lattanzi is now on the tail end of a three pack race. Lattanzi and Repella battle a bit which allows Davila to put a safe distance between himself and Repella/Lattanzi. Seeing the White Flag Lattanzi makes his move on Repella and has the inside line to take the position but then out of the blue Lattanzi once again slows as he must have thought the White Flag had Black boxes on it too. He went to congratulate Kyler but saw him speed away to complete the race. Jason Burstein running way back in 4th saw Lattanzi in slow mode and went by with a blur, a bump and a fist pump not really believing his luck at Lattanzi’s confusion. Mental error by Lattanzi cost him one point in the Heat and now at least 2 points in the Main. What was he thinking? Lots of incoherent mumbling coming from the mouth of Lattanzi once he realized what the heck he did.

“A” Main Results:

Chaz Baca Jr…Mike Davila…Kyler Repella…Jason Burstein…Steve Lattanzi…Scott Lodding…Keith Sears…Josh Lambeth…Cody Gutierrez…Eric Dickinson…Kyle Tatman.

Thank You all for taking time out of your day and the resources to do this. Without you it wouldn’t be this much competitive fun and excitement. No doubt about it the Best Indoor Kart racers are found at F1 Race Factory every day, all day and especially every Tuesday, starting at 6:30 pm.

Next Summer League Race is Tuesday Aug. 2. Qualifier/Heat/Main = 35 minutes of racing action for $45.00 including tax. Weight equalized to 200#. Racer cap of 42. Track 1 c/w

This Sunday July 31 is the 2nd race of the 2011 NASA-AZ League Series. Check in by 1:30…driver meeting/kart draw 1:45…Racing starts at 2pm. Must be active member of NASA to compete. Qualifier/Heat/Main = 35 minutes of racing action for $45.00 including tax. Weight Equalized to 200# racer cap of 28. Track 2 c/w

This Sunday July 31, is also the AZIKC Endurance Team race. Check in by 6pm…Driver meeting/kart draw 6:15…3 lap Qualifier/72 lap Main all on the ½ mile GP Track. One 20 second pit stop mandatory. Two man teams ok. Weight equalized to 200#. $75.00 per team including tax.

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