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Xtreme Indoor Ft. Lauderdale, FL Upcoming Leagues
Facility News Summer/Fall League
(6.5HP Karts & 9HP Karts)
League Rules & Policies
June 21st to October 25th 2011

Section 1: Schedules and Costs
1.0 Cost
1.01 XIK League Registration
Registration is not required to participate; however, only registered drivers are eligible for end of season trophies and prizes.

1.01A Beginners & Intermediate Class is only available to Xtreme Members. Registration Pays for the first, second and last races in advance.
Registration for the 6.5HP Karts: $120

1.01B Pro Class is only available to Xtreme Super Members. Registration pays for the first, second and last races in advance.
Registration for the 9HP Karts: $126

1.02 XIK Weekly Race Entry
League entry payment is due at least one race week in advance starting Race #2.

1.02A Beginners & Intermediate Class
$40 Per Week for XTREME Members registered.
$45 Per Week for XTREME Members not registered.
$50 Per Week for Non-Member Xtreme License Holders.
Pre-Payment for whole season (10weeks): $360 by June 21st 2011

1.02B Pro Class
$42 Per Week for XTREME SUPER Members registered.
$47 Per Week for XTREME SUPER Members not registered.
Pre-Payment for whole season (10weeks): $378 by June 21st 2011

1.1 Schedule
1.11 Season Schedule
Weekly series held every other Tuesday night from June 21st to October 25th 2011
Driver's Meeting Race #1: June 21st 2011
Race #2: July 5th
Race #3: July 19th
Race #4: August 2nd
Race #5: August 16th
Race #6: August 30th
Race #7: September 13th
Race #8: September 27th
Race #9: October 11th
Final Round/Awards: October 25th
1.12 Nightly Schedule
• Race registration/Sign-in deadline for Beginners & Intermediate Class: 6:45
• Beginners & Intermediate Class Qualifying Starts: 7pm
• Feature Races Start: 7:30pm
• Race registration/Sign-in deadline for Pro Class: 7:45
• Pro Class Qualifying Starts: 8pm
• Feature Races Start 8:30 pm
• Nights’ conclusion: 10:00pm
*The nightly schedule will be held to as closely as possible. The 6:45pm sign-in deadline will be adhered to strictly for the Beginners and Intermediate Class & 7:45pm deadline for the Pro Class, to keep the 7pm start time and 10pm finish time. Competitors should remember that delays could lengthen the night's duration. We will start 6.5hp qualifying at 7pm whether everyone is here or not. If you arrive after qualifying is finished you will start in the back.

Section 2: Championship Formats and Procedures
2.0 Class Structure
Beginners/Intermediate 6.5hp Karts: Open to all ages.
o Light Weight: Must weigh or have added weight to be a minimum of 150lbs.
o Heavy Weight: Must weigh or have added weight to be a minimum of 190lbs.

Pro Cass 9hp Karts (Super Members Only)
• Pro Light Weight: Weigh minimum of 160lbs.
• Pro Heavy Weight: Weight minimum of 200lbs.

2.1 Championship Structure
Drivers will be competing for their overall championship with the most points between classes.
2.11 Driver’s Championship
Title goes to the driver with the most points through week 10 in each class. The points system can be found in section 5.

2.2 Race Format Specifics
2.21 Qualifying and Starting Order
Qualifying will be held on every race. Qualifying order will go by points earned from the previous race. Drivers will leave the pit lane, and have 3 full laps. Warm up, Hot Lap(Lap time recorded), cool down. No substitute is allowed for qualifying unless they are racing in the main event for you as well.
2.21 Feature Races
Feature races will be 30 laps long. Starting grid will be determined by qualifying session. If multiple features are needed, then the higher finishing drivers will run in the ‘A-Feature’, the lower finishing drivers in the ‘B-Feature’ The top driver from the B-Feature Race will be promoted to the A-Feature Race starting last. *Number of laps may change in the event of a track configuration change; however the time will stay the same.

2.22 Weight
Every driver will be weighed after each run. It is up to the driver to ensure that they are at the correct weight when they race. Drivers racing with less weight than required will be penalized 1 lap per 10lbs. (There is a 1 lap grace period)

2.4 Race Starts
Starts will be in a single file rolling start format, with no passing until after the green flag.
2.41 Restarts/Yellow Flag
Restarts will be in the same format of the regular race start, with drivers lining up again and not starting until the green flag. Passes made on the red flag lap will be allowed if completed prior to red flag.
2.42 Full Course Caution
During a full course caution the pace kart will pull out in front of the leader and everyone will slow down and get in single file. You stay in the order of who you were driving behind and in front of. DO NOT PASS.

Section 3: Flags
3.1 Flag Signals
Green: Start of the race. Used during starts and restarts.
White: One lap remaining.
Checkered: End of race. Drivers need to slow down and enter pits after a single cool down lap.
Crossed Checkered & White: Signals the halfway point of race.
Yellow: Caution flag used for local incidents only. Drivers need to be aware of incident, and not pass. It does not mean that drivers need to slow down, but must be careful when passing incident.
Blue w/ Orange stripe: A standing blue will warn the driver that faster traffic is approaching behind; moving over is not yet required. A waiving blue w/ orange stripe flag signals that a driver is now required to move over and let the faster traffic by. This will only be given for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd, place drivers to pass.
Pointed Black: Only given at the start/finish, and may be accompanied with a sign informing the driver of the infraction. Warning only.
Black: A waiving black will be given to a driver being penalized with a lap deducted.

3.2 Flags in final 2 laps
In the final two laps only the white and checkered will be given at the start/finish line. Blue flags will still be given around the circuit for slower traffic, but the blue/blue let by flags will not be flown. Any penalize able offenses will be dealt with after the race, either with position docking, or time adding to a drivers finish.

Section 4: Driver Etiquette and Penalties
4.1 Driver Etiquette
Clean racing is the name of the game. Intentional contact and/or on track retaliation for any reason whatsoever will not be tolerated, and will be reason for possible immediate disqualification. Excessive hard bumps, squeezing off, and bump passing/push passing will all be penalized. Checker boarding (weaving back and forth), and reactionary defensive lines (defending more than one line) are all not allowed, and will also be penalized. This will be enforced extremely strictly. Remember to be sportsmanlike both on and off track.
We’re all here to have some friendly competition and fun, so let’s not lose sight of what the main goal is. If a driver’s friends or family are present, they also must also conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. Drivers may be penalized for disorderly conduct whether by themselves or their party. This includes unsportsmanlike acts such as inappropriate hand gestures.

4.2 Passing
To make a legal pass, your front bumper needs to be next to the other driver at least halfway so that they can see you, and you must make minimal contact during the attempt. Diving in late and forcing a pass, even with minimal contact, may be reason for a penalty if deemed unsafe. If you are passing or being passed, give the other driver room so as to not squeeze them off, either into an apex or wall at the exit of the corner. This does not mean that you need to give up the position. Always be aware of your surroundings, and what other drivers are doing around you. If you are letting drivers pass, make sure to do so in a way that does not cause further incidents. If you are trying to pass and are not on the race line and end up bumping the other driver out your will be black flagged. If nose to nose the driver with the line does not have to give. The driver on the outside should let up if going into a corner and pass them clean!
If the attempt is deemed illegal, the black flag will be issued and you will be deducted a lap.
4.21 Contact during passes
Some side to side contact is allowed, given it is not severe. Any contact that visibly changes another driver’s line mid-corner will be deemed excessive. This will be interpreted and enforced by all track officials. Remember, while side-to-side contact will be legal, getting the driver sideways, or squeezing them off will be penalized.
Any passes that stem from front to back bumper contact will be illegal. A bump pass is a bump pass, whether you meant to or not. Never capitalize on contact, even if it is unintentional, or is from a chain reaction.
4.22 Defending Position
A defensive line is legal, but only one move will be allowed. If a driver makes 2 or more moves to defend his position, we will point the black flag. If the action is continued you will be black flagged and deducted a lap.

4.3 Penalties
The following penalties will be given either during or after a race to promote clean racing and good sportsmanship. The rules and penalties are in place to protect the drivers and the karts.
4.31 In Race Penalties
Incident- bump pass, push pass, pinch-off, excessive contact during pass
Penalty- waiving black (deduct 1 lap)
Incident- contact that makes driver lose significant positions or time, ignoring blue flags, excessive contact during race.
Penalty- waiving black (deduct 1 lap)
Incident- blocking, illegal defensive move
Penalty- a single warning (rolled black), black lag (deduct 1 lap)
Incident- on track retaliation
Penalty- waiving black (Which could result in disqualification, and removal from race)
Incident- Unsafe driving such as excessive sliding or spinning out
Penalty- Varies, but may result in removal from race (waiving black)
4.32 Post Race Penalties
Incident- bump pass, push pass, pinch-off, excessive contact during pass (in last 2 laps)
Penalty- Varies (Loss in position and/ or time)
Incident- contact that makes driver lose significant positions or time, ignoring blue flags, excessive contact during race, repeated blocking (in last 2 laps)
Penalty- Varies (Loss in position and/ or time)
4.33 Preventing Penalties
It is still up to each driver to let the other driver back by if they suspect there has been too much contact (within a lap of the pass). Let bys should be done in a way that doesn’t cause further incidents, and an obvious signal, such as a point-by, should be given to the driver behind them to do so.
Do not take advantage of another drivers’ good sportsmanship. If two drivers in front are driving recklessly and an opening appears, take the opportunity. However, if contact is made and one driver attempts to let the other by, do not take advantage of the situation. A driver may not gain position via someone else’s let by.

Section 5: Point System
5.1 Race Points
You points will depend on Qualifying Position & Race Position.

5.1.1 Race Positioning Points

Finishing Points
1 100
2 98
3 96
4 94
5 92


Finishing Points
1 80
2 78
3 76
4 74
5 72

5.1.2 Qualifying Positiong Points

Finishing Points
1 50
2 49
3 48
4 47
5 46


Finishing Points
1 40
2 39
3 38
4 37
5 36

5.1.3 Fast Lap
1 pt will be given each main race to the fast lap.

5.1.4 No Drop Week
All 10 races will be counted during the race season. There is no drop week however we do allow substitute drivers. Remember you substitute must meet any requirements you have to (weight, membership type, ect.).

Section 6: Prizes
Places awarded to driver with the most points. In a case of a tie we look at the two drivers and whoever has won the most races wins.

Prizes awarded to Beginners/Intermediate Light & Heavy Weight Class
1st Place: Trophy + TBA
2nd Place: Trophy + TBA
3rd Place Trophy + TBA

Prizes awarded to Pro Light & Heavy Weight Classes
1st Place: Trophy + TBA
2nd Place: Trophy + TBA
3rd Place Trophy + TBA

Sign-up at the front desk. Remember Prepayment for registration fee gives you a 5% discount by May 31st 2011.

You can also pay in full by June 21st 2011 and receive 10% discount.

For more information contact
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